Clean racing

You may have heard of the most important rule, when it comes to simracing: Avoid contact.
This page contains resources and links about the common sense of simracing rules and simracing etiquette compiled by @Hagen.


1: Responsibility

If you can´t see the track ahead, you are too close!

It is the responsibility of the driver that is trying to overtake, to make sure that the pass is made without contact.

While driving behind a car, you are 100% responsible for avoiding contact.

2: Overtaking

Make it clean.

Bumper next to bumper is where overlap starts.

Door next to door is 100% overlap.

To obtain right of road position, the overtaker's car must have significant overlap of the car that is being overtaken, before they reach the corner's turn-in point.

The car on the outside has the right to outside room all the way through the corner, while the car on the inside has the right to inside room all the way through the corner.

(During an overtaking manoeuvre both cars can´t use the optimal line, so both need to slow down in order to stay on their side of the track.)

2.1 If there is no overlap

Don't dive.

Ahead drivers have the right to take any line through a corner.

Ahead drivers have the right to choose any line down a straight, but only one move to defend their position.See also 4. Defending.

2.2: If there is overlap

Clear rules.

The attacking car has obtained the right to chose the inner line, as he is overlapping significantly at the turn-in point.

Now both have to give each other enough room to stay on the road through the corner. On the inner line you have to be very careful not to drift outside - this piece of the track doesn't belong to you in this situation.

3. Blue flag

You shall pass.

If a blue flag is displayed on your screen, it tells you that a driver (who completed more laps than you) is going to overtake you and you are not allowed to defend.

Rule No.1 is still in place, so keep on driving on your normal racing line. This is again important to be predictable.

4. Defending

You shall not pass.

While you are not blue flagged, you may try to avoid being overtaken with only one (1) direction change per straight.

The overtaking car must not be blocked in a way he has to lift or even brake in this situation.

Movement in reaction is blocking and leads to penalty. (If you make your move, after the car behind you made his move, that is blocking.)

Making your car wide by not using the optimal line is defending. (If you try to defend your position by choosing the inner line for an upcoming corner, you will have to hold that line.)

5. Pit exit

Do not cross the line.

On leaving the pits, you may not cross the pit exit line. Stay on the pit side until the line ends.